Ceramic Band Heater

Ceramic Band Heater
  • 3-12" Barrel Dia.
  • 1-1/2 - 6" Widths
  • 500 - 5,000 Watts
  • 120 to 600 Volts
  • 18 - 40 W/In2
  • Ceramic Fiber Insulated
  • Up to 1600°F Band Operating Temp.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Shell

  • Blow Molding
  • Die Heads
  • Extruders
  • Heating Pipes
  • Injection Molding

Type CB industrial heaters are best suited for applications up to 1600°F Band operating temperatures, and provide even industrial heating on injection and extrusion molding barrels. The ceramic segments and high temperature resistance wires are capable of highly efficient heat transfer. Ceramic fiber insulation, 1/4" thickness, provides an additional 25% energy savings over non-insulated types. Ceramic band heaters also contribute a radiant heating effect to the object being heated. CB band heaters can be constructed in greater widths, allowing fewer heaters per zone, wider heating patterns, and simplified wiring.

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Part # Description  
160012 CB3A1J1P1 120V 500W Buy Now
160020 CB3A1J1P2 240V 500W Buy Now
160055 CB3A3A1P1 120V 700W Buy Now
160063 CB3A3A1P2 240V 700W Buy Now
160071 CB3A4A1P1 120V 1500W Buy Now
160080 CB3A4A1P2 240V 1500W Buy Now
160098 CB3A6A1P1 120V 1350W Buy Now
160100 CB3A6A1P2 240V 1350W Buy Now
160119 CB3A6A1P3 120V 1800W Buy Now
160127 CB3A6A1P4 240V 1800W Buy Now
160135 CB3J1J1P1 240V 600W Buy Now
160143 CB3J2A1P1 120V 650W Buy Now
160151 CB3J2A1P2 240V 650W Buy Now
160160 CB3J3A1P1 120V 800W Buy Now
160178 CB3J3A1P2 240V 800W Buy Now
160186 CB3J4A1P1 240V 1200W Buy Now
160194 CB3J4J1P1 120V 1000W Buy Now
160207 CB3J4J1P2 240V 1000W Buy Now
160223 CB4A2A1P1 120V 800W BAND Buy Now
160231 CB4A2A1P2 240V 800W Buy Now
160240 CB4A3A1P1 120V 1200W Buy Now
160258 CB4A3A1P2 240V 1200W Buy Now
160266 CB4A4A1P1 240V 1200W Buy Now
160274 CB4A6A1P1 240V 2500W Buy Now
160282 CB4J1J1P1 120V 700W Buy Now
160290 CB4J2A1P1 240V 1100W Buy Now
160303 CB4J4A1P1 120V 1000W Buy Now
160311 CB4J4A1P2 240V 1000W Buy Now
160346 CB4J6A1P1 240V 2000W Buy Now
160354 CB5A1J1P1 240V 800W Buy Now
160370 CB5A3A1P1 120V 850W Buy Now
160389 CB5A3A1P2 120V 1250W Buy Now
160397 CB5A3A1P3 240V 1250W Buy Now
160400 CB5A3A1P4 240V 1600W Buy Now
160418 CB5A3J1P1 120V 1250W Buy Now
160426 CB5A3J1P2 240V 1250W Buy Now
160434 CB5A4A1P1 120V 2200W Buy Now
160442 CB5A4A1P2 240V 2200W Buy Now
160450 CB5A6A1P1 120V 2750W Buy Now
160469 CB5A6A1P2 240V 2750W Buy Now
160477 CB5J1J1P1 120V 900W Buy Now
160485 CB5J1J1P2 240V 900W Buy Now
160493 CB5J2A1P1 120V 1000W Buy Now
160506 CB5J2A1P2 240V 1000W Buy Now
160514 CB5J2J1P1 240V 1500W Buy Now
160522 CB5J3A1P1 120V 1200W Buy Now
160530 CB5J3A1P2 240V 1200W Buy Now
160549 CB5J4A1P1 120V 1500W Buy Now
160557 CB5J4A1P2 240V 1550W Buy Now
160565 CB5J5A1P1 120V 2000W Buy Now
160573 CB5J5A1P2 240V 2000W Buy Now
160581 CB5N1J1P1 240V 650W Buy Now
160590 CB5N2A1P1 120V 850W Buy Now
160602 CB5N2A1P2 240V 850W Buy Now
160610 CB5N3A1P1 120V 1250W Buy Now
160629 CB5N3A1P2 240V 1250W Buy Now
160637 CB5N4A1P1 120V 1200W Buy Now
160645 CB5N4A1P2 240V 1200W Buy Now
160653 CB6A1J1P1 240V 1100W Buy Now
160661 CB6A2A1P1 120V 1000W Buy Now
160670 CB6A2A1P2 240V 1000W BAND Buy Now
160709 CB6A2J1P1 120V 1500W Buy Now
160717 CB6A2J1P2 240V 1500W Buy Now
160725 CB6A3A1P1 120V 1600W BAND Buy Now
160733 CB6A3A1P2 240V 1600W BAND Buy Now
160741 CB6A4A1P1 120V 1450W Buy Now
160750 CB6A4A1P2 240V 1450W Buy Now
160768 CB6A5A1P1 120V 1800W Buy Now
160776 CB6A5A1P2 240V 1800W Buy Now
160784 CB6A5J1P1 120V 2000W Buy Now
160792 CB6A5J1P2 240V 2000W Buy Now
160805 CB6A6A1P1 120V 2000W Buy Now
160813 CB6A6A1P2 240V 2000W Buy Now
160821 CB6A6A1P3 120V 3000W Buy Now
160830 CB6A6A1P4 240V 3000W Buy Now
160848 CB6J1J1P1 120V 1000W Buy Now
160856 CB6J1J1P2 240V 1000W Buy Now
160864 CB6J2A1P1 120V 1000W Buy Now
160872 CB6J2A1P2 240V 1000W Buy Now
160880 CB6J3A1P1 240V 1600W Buy Now
160899 CB6J5A1P1 120V 2500W Buy Now
160901 CB6J5A1P2 240V 2500W Buy Now
160910 CB6J6J1P1 120V 3000W Buy Now
160928 CB6J6J1P2 240V 3000W Buy Now
160936 CB6N1J1P1 120V 1000W Buy Now
160944 CB6N1J1P2 240V 1000W Buy Now
160952 CB6N2A1P1 120V 1250W Buy Now
160960 CB6N2A1P2 240V 1250W Buy Now
160987 CB6N5A1P1 120V 3000W Buy Now
161007 CB6N6A1P1 240V 3000W Buy Now
161023 CB7A2A1P1 240V 1700W Buy Now
161040 CB7A4A1P1 120V 2600W Buy Now
161066 CB7A5A1P1 120V 3000W Buy Now
161082 CB7A6A1P1 120V 5000W Buy Now
161090 CB7A6A1P2 240V 5000W Buy Now
161103 CB7J1J1P1 240V 1200W Buy Now
161120 CB7J3A1P1 240V 1800W Buy Now
161146 CB7J4J1P2 240V 2000W Buy Now
161162 CB7J5A1P1 120V 2500W Buy Now
161189 CB7J5A1P3 240V 3500W Buy Now
161200 CB7J6A1P1 240V 4500W Buy Now
161218 CB8A1J1P1 120V 1250W Buy Now
161226 CB8A1J1P2 240V 1250W Buy Now
161242 CB8A3A1P1 120V 2000W Buy Now
161250 CB8A3A1P2 240V 2000W Buy Now
161269 CB8A4A1P1 240V 3000W Buy Now
161277 CB8A6A1P1 240V 3500W Buy Now
161285 CB8J1J1P1 120V 1500W Buy Now
161322 CB9A1J1P1 120V 1300W Buy Now
161330 CB9A1J1P2 240V 1300W Buy Now
161349 CB9A2A1P1 120V 1750W Buy Now
161365 CB9A2J1P1 120V 2000W Buy Now
161373 CB9A2J1P2 240V 2000W Buy Now
161381 CB9A3A1P1 240V 2800W Buy Now
161402 CB9A5J1P1 240V 3000W Buy Now
161429 CB9J6A1P1 240V 4200W Buy Now
161445 CB10A5A1P1 240V 3000W Buy Now
161461 CB10A5J1P1 240V 3500W Buy Now
161470 CB10J3A1P1 240V 2500W Buy Now
161488 CB10J4J1P1 240V 4000W Buy Now
161509 CB11A5A1P1 120V 4000W Buy Now
161525 CB11A6A1P1 240V 4500W Buy Now
161533 CB12A2A1P1 240V 2000W Buy Now
161541 CB12A3A1P1 240V 2500W Buy Now
161568 CB12A6A1P2 240V 4000W Buy Now
161576 CB12A6A1P3 120V 5000W Buy Now
161605 CB6N4A1P1 240V 2000W Buy Now
161613 CB6N5A1P2 240V 3000W Buy Now
161621 CB7A3A1P1 240V 2500W Buy Now
161648 CB7A4A1P2 240V 2600W Buy Now
161664 CB7A5A1P2 240V 3000W Buy Now
161672 CB7J2A1P1 240V 1500W Buy Now
161680 CB7J4J1P1 120V 2000W Buy Now
161699 CB7J4J1P3 240V 3000W Buy Now
161701 CB7J5A1P2 240V 2500W Buy Now
161728 CB7J5J1P1 240V 3500W Buy Now
161744 CB8A2A1P1 240V 1500W Buy Now
161752 CB8J1J1P2 240V 1500W Buy Now
161779 CB9A2A1P2 240V 1750W Buy Now
161787 CB9A5A1P1 240V 2500W Buy Now
161795 CB9J3A1P1 240V 2200W Buy Now
161808 CB10A3A1P1 240V 2400W Buy Now
161824 CB11A5A1P2 240V 4000W Buy Now
161832 CB12A6A1P1 120V 4000W Buy Now
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