Complete precision heat and control solutions for the growing demands of the alternative fuels industries.

Sampling, preparation, detection, measurement, and monitoring liquids, solids, and gases; the very nature of laboratory and analytical equipment demands accuracy and repeatability. So. when your application requires heat, choosing the best source of advanced thermal technology solutions to meet the demands of your application is paramount. That source is Chromalox.

Chromalox is a leader in designed systems because we control the manufacturing process from the first component to the finished product. While some companies simply assemble purchased parts, our vertical integration of product manufacturing allows tight control of all procedures. Because Chromalox manufactures the component parts, we can adjust to meet your critical requirements.

When you’re facing tight deadlines, you can’t let cold weather or a delayed turnaround from your supplier slow you down. Chromalox is ready to respond with the systems and the know-how to keep you productive.

The chemical processing industry is continuously evolving in the manufacture of basic chemicals, while for the past 10 years the chemical processing market has been one of the fastest growing markets internationally. Together the result has been an unending need for improvements in quality, efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Chromalox electric heaters deliver dependable, consistent, and even heating while our controls provide precise control of the heat. 
Ruggedness and dependability are requisite for industrial equipment. Chromalox integrates these features into every heating system we produce.

The very nature of medical equipment demands accuracy and reliability. Medical equipment typically has stringent technical requirements for electric heating elements and sensors, ranging from precise dimensional and resistance tolerances to low current leakage and high insulation resistance readings. 

Chromalox provides advanced thermal technologies for more processes throughout the world than anyone, with the broadest product line and experience unmatched in the industry. We furnish full design and engineering for virtually any electric process heat and control operation. We complete the package with customized services ranging from startup and training, to ongoing maintenance diagnostics, to emergency response—all based on complete knowledge of your components, parts, and systems.

Chromalox provides high-quality equipment designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard specifications. But that's just one reason to choose Chromalox. 

Onshore and offshore, oil and gas exploration has undergone transformative change in recent years. Spurred by visionary thinking and innovative technologies the oil and gas industry is finding and extracting resources more efficiently and responsibly in locations and at depths never before considered.

Today Chromalox is a global leader in designed precision heat and control systems for petrochemical processing. From polyethylene, propylene, and ethylene plants, to ammonia/urea production, to aromatics, butane, pentane, and hexane products, to LNG and MTBE production, no one knows how to apply heaters and heater controls to petrochemical processing better than Chromalox.
From process air heaters for inlet housings to flanged immersion heaters for exhaust stacks and sulfur reduction. From circulation heaters for superheating to self-regulating cable and controls for freeze protection. Explosion-resistant comfort heaters that keep process equipment warm for quick starts on peaker plants and keep equipment free from moisture and freeze-ups. 

Chromalox offers a broad range of heating elements and temperature sensors that are made to exact customer specification. Our wide choice of heaters and controls—all backed by expert engineering and premiere manufacturing for product quality second to none—make Chromalox heaters and controls ideal for a variety of transportation applications.

Waste water treatment plant operators are under considerable pressure to keep their plants operating without interruption. Process interruptions can lead to overflows and unintended discharges.

Wherever there's a need for heat and temperature control, Chromalox has experience.

With the broadest product line in the industry, Chromalox provides more heat and control systems for process heating applications than anyone in the world. We provide solutions for industries as diverse as transportation, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and the military.