Single End Fintube® Heaters - SFTS-475

Single End Fintube® Heaters - SFTS-475
  • 750°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • 500 - 4,350 Watts (Dia. 0.475")
  • Third-party certifications: UL Recognized, CSA

Best suited for the following applications where space is limited.

  • Drying
  • Heat Tracing
  • Annealing
  • Load Banks
  • Curing Ovens, Dryers, Ducts, etc.

Versatile — Ideal for both comfort and industrial process air applications.

Single-End Terminals simplify wiring and eliminate the need for return wire.

Install More Elements in Same Space as standard, double-end Fintube®.

No Bending required to put all terminals in the same plane.

Smaller Heating Duct or Chamber in some cases.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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Part # Description  
222279 SFTS-12475 120V 500 W Buy Now
222287 SFTS-12475 240V 500 W Buy Now
222295 SFTS-16475 120V 975W Buy Now
222308 SFTS-16475 240V 975 W Buy Now
222316 SFTS-20475 120V 1200W Buy Now
222324 SFTS-20475 240V 1200W Buy Now
222332 SFTS-20475 480V 1200W Buy Now
222340 SFTS-24475 120V 1675W Buy Now
222359 SFTS-24475 240V 1675W Buy Now
222367 SFTS-24475 480V 1675W Buy Now
222375 SFTS-28475 120V 1975W Buy Now
222383 SFTS-28475 240V 1975W Buy Now
222391 SFTS-28475 480V 1975W Buy Now
222404 SFTS-32475 120V 2150W Buy Now
222412 SFTS-32475 240V 2300W Buy Now
222420 SFTS-32475 480V 2300W Buy Now
222439 SFTS-36475 120V 2100W Buy Now
222447 SFTS-36475 240V 2700W Buy Now
222455 SFTS-36475 480V 2700W Buy Now
222463 SFTS-40475 120V 1950W Buy Now
222471 SFTS-40475 240V 3150W Buy Now
222480 SFTS-40475 480V 3150W Buy Now
222498 SFTS-44475 120V1P 1.750KW Request a Quote
222500 SFTS-44475 240V 3500W Buy Now
222519 SFTS-44475 480V 3500W Buy Now
222527 SFTS-48475 120V1P 1.575KW Buy Now
222535 SFTS-48475 240V1P 3.850KW Request a Quote
222543 SFTS-48475480V3850W Buy Now
222551 SFTS-52475 120V1P 1.450KW Request a Quote
222560 SFTS-52475 240V 4225W Buy Now
222578 SFTS-52475 480V 4225W Buy Now
222586 SFTS-56475 120V 1325W Buy Now
222594 SFTS-56475 240V1P 4.400KW Request a Quote
222607 SFTS-56475 480V1P 4.400KW Request a Quote
222615 SFTS-60475 120V1P 1.225KW Request a Quote
222623 SFTS-60475 240V 4350W Buy Now
222631 SFTS-60475 480V 4350W Buy Now
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