Silicone Rubber Insulated Drum Heater - SLDH

Silicone Rubber Insulated Drum Heater - SLDH
  • Internally Grounded Standard
  • Third-party certifications: CSA, cRU

  • Freeze Protection
  • Melting of Low Melting Point Solids such as Paraffin, Resins and Chocolate
  • Viscosity Control of Fluids such as Paint, Syrups and Honey
  • Maintenance of Materials for Roofing, Chimney and Vent Pipe Work

  • Low watt density electrical resistance heat.
  • All stock 120V products come with a 6 foot power cord and three-prong plug. 240V heaters do not include a plug.
  • Optional built-in adjustable thermostat, 70 - 425°F for steel drums or 70 - 140°F for plastic drums.
  • All models come with a heavy-duty spring assembly for attachment to your drum.
  • Complete, ready to install and use as received.
For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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Part # Description List Price  
123123 SLDH-5-A-6CPGM1-120V-550W 275.00 USD Buy Now
123131 SLDH-15-A-6CPGM1-120V-500 285.00 USD Buy Now
123211 SLDH-15-A-6CGM-240V-500W 285.00 USD Buy Now
123140 SLDH-15-A-6CPGM1-120V-700 305.00 USD Buy Now
123158 SLDH-30-A-6CPGM1-120V-750 300.00 USD Buy Now
123220 SLDH-30-A-6CGM2-240V-750W 300.00 USD Buy Now
123166 SLDH-30-A-6CPGM1-120V-100 415.00 USD Buy Now
123174 SLDH-55-A-6CPGM1-120V-100 325.00 USD Buy Now
123238 SLDH-55-A-6CGM2-240V-1000 325.00 USD Buy Now
123182 SLDH-55-A-6CPGM1-120V-120 460.00 USD Buy Now
123246 SLDH-55-A-6CGM2-240V-1200 460.00 USD Buy Now
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