Silicone Rubber Insulated Enclosure Heater

Silicone Rubber Insulated Enclosure Heater
  • Air Temperature Sensing Thermostats (40°F close, 55°F open) available
  • Third-party certifications: CSA, cRU

Type SL-B Silicone Rubber Insulated Enclosure Heaters and General Purpose Air Heaters are used for freeze protection and condensate protection in electrical enclosures. They are also installed in equipment to keep mechanical components functioning in applications such as ATM machines and automatic doors.

Freeze or Condensation protection in enclosures containing electronic equipment, such as: Temperature Control Panels, Control Valve Housings, ATMs, Traffic Signal Boxes. Also, General Purpose Air Heating applications.

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122577 SLB-2-10-O-10-120V-100W 74.75 USD Buy Now
122585 SLB-2-10-55P-10-120V-100W 122.00 USD Buy Now
122593 SLB-2-5-O-10-120V-50W 65.75 USD Buy Now
122606 SLB-2-5-55P-10-120V-50W 112.00 USD Buy Now
122614 SLB-2-5-O-10-120V-25W 65.75 USD Buy Now
122622 SLB-2-5-55P-10-120V-25W 112.00 USD Buy Now
123297 SLB-4-10-55P-10-120V-200W 147.00 USD Buy Now
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