Single Phase Advanced SCR Power Controller

Single Phase Advanced SCR Power Controller
  • 25 A to 60A, 100-480 Vac
  • Integral Over Current Fault Protection
  • User Configurable Firing Modes: Zero Cross (Fixed Cycle, Burst Fire/ D.O.T., Half Single-Cycle) or Phase Angle
  • Complete Voltage, Current, Power and Temperature Diagnostics
  • Total or Partial Load Interrupt Alarm (Heater Break)
  • Process Feedback (V, V², I, I², P)
  • Analog and Digital Inputs
  • Soft Start, Current Limit
  • Master / Slave Controller
  • Modbus RTU/RS485 Communications
  • UL, CUL, CE, TÜV Marking

The CTF-Xtra is a compact microprocessor-based SCR power controller which is designed for all types of industrial heater loads up to 60 Amps with a voltage range of 100 - 480 Vac.

The “Xtra” is an on-board over-current fault protection feature which eliminates the need for extra-rapid fuses, reduces machine downtime and the cost of replacing failed fuses. In applications susceptible to intermittent short-circuits and overloads, the CTF-Xtra power controller can be programmed to restore power automatically when the fault has cleared, preventing complete process shutdown and maintaining production.

The CTF-Xtra will safely and precisely control traditional resistive heating elements, infrared lamps and silicon-based elements exhibiting non-linear resistances with its several different user-configurable zero crossing and phase angle control schemes. User selectable delay trigger, current limiting and soft start control as well as current, voltage and power diagnostics allow optimized power management of the most challenging load types.

In addition to the over-current fault protection, the on board communications and powerful configuration software make the CTF-Xtra an ideal power control solution for your critical process heating applications.

  • Thermoforming
  • Plastic extrusion lines
  • Injection molding
  • Heat treatment
  • Industrial ovens / furnaces
  • Mold & dye heating / cooling
  • Packaging
  • Chemical processing
  • Textile production
  • Rubber vulcanization equipment
  • Driers, incubators and autoclaves
  • Pharmaceutical processes
  • Rapid resistive load switching
  • HVAC 

The C-PWR Configuration Software permits efficient programming of the following Chromalox SCR power controllers: CTF, CTF-Xtra, C4, C4-IR, CFW, and CFW-Xtra. It will facilitate the cloning of multiple controllers and fast parameter file uploads and downloads to and from the controller and PC.

Parameter value settings may be entered via the master table or through the Setup Wizard which methodically walks you through the main screens. Use the C-PWR Configuration Software Manual for program installation and connection details. To program your specific SCR controller, use the appropriate controller programming manual.

Current Release Version: 1.1.0
(Note: New configuration software releases occur without notice. If you need to update your release, you must first uninstall your current version prior to installing the latest release. This may be done in Programs and Features located in the Windows Control Panel.)

C-PWR Software Images

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