1" Wide

1" Wide
  • 7-24 W/In²
  • Third-party certifications: UL Recognized, CSA, VDE, CE

Strip heaters are used for heat transfer by conduction or convection to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces. See guidelines in the Strip Heater Overview.

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Part # Description List Price  
133209 NH-08 HT S 120V1P 250W 83.00 USD Buy Now
133217 NH-09 HT S 120V1P 300W 85.00 USD Buy Now
133225 NH-11 HT S 120V1P 350W 88.00 USD Buy Now
133233 NH-12 HT S 120V1P 400W 91.00 USD Buy Now
133241 NH-14 HT S 120V1P 450W 95.00 USD Buy Now
133250 NH-15 120V 500W HI TEMP S 95.00 USD Buy Now
133268 NH-15 HT S 240V1P 500W 95.00 USD Buy Now
133276 NH-18 HT S 120V1P 600W 150.00 USD Buy Now
133284 NH-18 HT S 240V1P 600W 150.00 USD Buy Now
133292 NH-19 HT S 120V1P 700W 150.00 USD Buy Now
133305 NH-19 HT S 240V1P 700W 150.00 USD Buy Now
133313 NH-21 HT S 120V1P 750W 150.00 USD Buy Now
133321 NH-21 HT S 240V1P 750W 150.00 USD Buy Now
133330 NH-24 HT S 120V1P 800W 165.00 USD Buy Now
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