Multi-loop Controller - 1040

Multi-loop Controller - 1040
  • Compact DIN Rail-Mount System
  • 4 Fieldbus Communication Port Options
  • 1-, 3-, or 4-Loop Configurations per Module
  • Heater Break Alarm Feature
  • Hot Swap with Auto-Detection and Configuration
  • Detachable Modules Optimized for Easy Maintenance and Wiring
  • Windows® PC Configuration Software
  • Loop Enable/Disable
  • Detects Broken Process Sensor Input
  • Optional Configuration Software
  • UL, cUL & CE
  • 3 Year Warranty

The Chromalox 1040 DIN-rail-mounted multiloop PID control system is an extremely versatile controller with a modular design that allows a single control module to be used with a combination of up to 8 loop modules. The control modules are available in any of four different communication protocol options: ModBus,DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, and ModBus/TCP. Each loop module has the capability of 1, 3 or 4 loops, allowing up to 32 controlled loops in a fully complimented system. Expansion is also extremely easy, allowing simple integration of additional systems if more than 32 loops are required. The 1040 controller also comes with an intuitive Windows PC configuration software where parameters can be programmed and saved, cloned to additional loops, and transferred between PC and controller quickly and easily.

  • Space Saving Footprint
  • Reduced Installation Time and Cost
  • Rapid, Easy Setup
  • Improved Performance vs. PLC/PC
  • True, Simple Integration into Existing Control Systems
  • Rapid Hot-Swap and Auto Configure
  • Minimize Risk or Loss or Damage

The 1040 Workshop Configurator is an extremely intuitive programming tool which facilitates the cloning of multiple controllers and fast parameter file uploads and downloads to and from the controller and PC. From the main menu, communications and loop modules can be assigned in seconds, with parameters logically arranged for efficient setting confirmation or change.

Current Release Version: 1.0.6
(Note: New configuration software releases occur without notice. If you need to update your release, you must first Uninstall your current version prior to installing the latest release. This may be done in Programs and Features which is located in the Windows Control Panel.)

Download 1040 Setup (1.0.6) (zip)

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0149-50071 CT, 25A, SENSE, Breakdown, Opt Buy Now
0149-50072 CT, 50A, SENSE, Breakdown, Opt Buy Now
0149-50073 CT, 100A, SENSE, Breakdown, Opt Request a Quote
0149-50082 1040 CABLE, CONFIG SW, USER GUI Request a Quote
1040-120000 1 UNIV, 2 SSR/RLY SELECT Loop Control Module Buy Now
1040-123010 1 UNIV, 2 SSR/RLY - 3 SSR/RLY SELECT Loop Control Module Request a Quote
1040-123011 1 UNIV, 1 HTR BRK, 2 SSR/RLY - 3 SSR/RLY SELECT Loop Control Module Request a Quote
1040-300601 3 UNIV, 1 HTR BRK, 6 RLY SELECT Loop Control Module Buy Now
1040-304201 3 UNIV, 1 HTR BRK, 4 SSR, 3 RLY Loop Control Module Request a Quote
1040-306001 3 UNIV, 1 HTR BRK, 6 SSR Loop Control Module Buy Now
1040-400600 4 UNIV, 6 RLY Loop Control Module Buy Now
1040-406000 4 UNIV, 6 SSR Loop Control Module Buy Now
1040-406200 4 UNIV, 4 SSRD, 2 RLY Loop Control Module Request a Quote
1040-DN DeviceNET Communication Module Buy Now
1040-MB ModBus RTU/RS485 Communication Module Buy Now
1040-MT ModBus TCP/IP Communication Module Buy Now
1040-PB Profibus Communication Module Buy Now
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