Advanced Multi-Loop PID Controller

Advanced Multi-Loop PID Controller
  • DIN Rail or Panel Mount
  • Controls Up To 4 Independent Process Loops
  • 4 Main Universal Inputs
  • 4 Heat/Cool Independent PID Loops
  • 4 Main Outputs
  • 4 Auxilliary Analog Inputs
  • 4 Configurable Output Options Including Relay, Logic, TRIAC, Continuous
  • 2 Configurable Relay Alarm Output
  • 2 Digital Inputs
  • Standard ModBus RTU Communication
  • 8 Optional Fieldbus Communications Including Modbus RTU, Modbus/TCP, Profibus, Profinet, Real Time Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, EtherCat, and CANopen Available
  • Powerful C-PWR Configuration Software
  • Compact Footprint
  • UL, cUL, CE Marking

The C4X Multiple Zone PID Controller is the brains of the C4 controller, but with the capability to drive even larger loads. The controller features four universal main process inputs, two digital inputs, and two configurable relay alarm outputs as standard, so you get the same benefits as the C4 when greater loads are required. When even more flexibility is required, the C4X controller can be customized with four analog inputs, and up to four configurable outputs. The C4X boasts an extremely slim 1” wide footprint capable of either DIN rail mounting or direct panel mount, making it ideal for minimizing space.

With a default Modbus RTU/RS485 communications port and option for second port from a variety of different communication protocols including Modbus TCP, Profibus, ProfiNet, Real Time Ethernet (Ethernet IP), DeviceNet, EtherCat, and CANopen, the C4X can be fully integrated into any host PLC network or DCS. Like the C4, the fieldbus card can be installed at the time of order, or field installed at any time.

  • Packaging
  • Extrusion
  • Thermoforming
  • Injection molding
  • Heat treatment
  • Mold & dye heating/cooling
  • Chemical Processing
  • Textile production
  • Multizone Furnaces

And many more…

While the C4X includes diverse process control capability, it also features efficient thermal and electrical monitoring, allowing users to anticipate failures and malfunctions so corrective steps can be taken in a timely manner. With an option for independent current transformer input on each zone, full diagnostics can be performed from loop break alarm, heater break, SSR short circuit, input opening or short circuit, and even over temperature alarm.

The C4X also features the powerful and detailed C-PWR configuration software, which allows you to run trends, save historical data and read or write device parameters quickly and easily. Configurations may be saved locally for later retrieval or sent across a network for cloning of other units. This significantly reduces mistakes and system setup time.

The C4-OP local interface display is a great tool to use when remote programming or monitoring isn’t enough. It is comprised of a Lexan membrane, IP65 display, including three 4-digit displays, and a 2-digit display. A total of 6 function keys allow navigation through the C4- OP software menus and adjustment of process parameters on the spot.

Its built-in memory gives users the ability to save complete configurations for up to ten C4 family devices, which can then be uploaded to a PC for seamless integration with the C-PWR software. The opposite is also true if users prefer to download C-PWR settings on to the C4-OP, making this controller an ideal addition for routine plant maintenance where local programming and monitoring is necessary.

With no external power requirements, the C4- OP is powered directly from the C4 host device and can either be DIN rail mounted, or installed directly on the front panel of the enclosure where permanent installations are required. With its minimal footprint, the C4-OP continues the compact trend of the C4 family.

  C4-OP Local Programming Interface  

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