Temperature Controller - 300D

Temperature Controller - 300D
  • Power On and Load LED Indication (300D)
  • cRUus

The 300D is rugged, reliable and very economical for precise process control. The fully enclosed 300D can be either mounted directly to the surface or DIN rail mounted. The 300D has a 10Amp NO relay contact. Switching 2400W at 240Vac, single phase allows the 300 Series to directly control a small strip or cartridge heater... eliminating the expense and the cost of buying and wiring a contactor.

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Part # Description List Price  
329703 300D-20200 0-1000F/J/ON- 253.00 USD Buy Now
329711 300D-20300 ON/OFF,KT/C,0- Request a Quote
329728 300D-30100 PROP,J T/C,0-1 253.00 USD Buy Now
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