1/32 DIN Temperature Controller with Smarter Logic®

1/32 DIN Temperature Controller with Smarter Logic®
  • Easy to Use
  • Wide Variety of Alarm Mode Selections
  • Lockout Protection Control
  • Bumpless Transfer During Failure Mode
  • Soft-Start Ramp and Dwell Timer
  • Bright Display Stabilized with Digital Filter
  • Front Panel Sealed to NEMA 4X & IP65 Rating
  • UL Recognized, CSA, CE
  • Smarter Logic + PID Microprocessor-based Control
  • Fast A-D Sampling Rate (5 Times/Second)
  • Universal Input (RTD, Thermocouple)
  • Analog Input for Remote Set-point or CT Input
  • Loop and Heater Break Alarm
  • Analog Output (Linear Current or Voltage)
  • RS-485 or RS-232 Interface
  • Auto-Tune or Self-Tune Function

The ETR Smarter Logic plus PID microproces-sor-based controller series incorporates a sin-gle, easy-to-read, 4-digit LED display, indicating process value or set point value. The Smarter Logic technology enables a process to reach a predetermined set-point in the shortest possible time, with minimum overshoot during power up or external load disturbance. A second input is available for voltage, current or event inputs. These inputs may be used for programmable functions such as remote setpoint input, heater break detection (with Current Transformer input) And any of 10 event input functions (alarm resets, output enable/disable, parameter lock).

Digital communications RS-485 or RS-232 are available as an additional option. These options allow the units to be integrated with a supervi-sory control system and software.A programming port is available for automatic configuration, calibration and testing without the need to access the keys on front panel.By using proprietary Smarter Logic PID auto tuning technology, temperature overshoot and undershoot is minimized.

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