.315" Dia. Round Cross-Section Single-End Terminal - STRI-315

.315" Dia. Round Cross-Section Single-End Terminal - STRI-315
  • INCOLOY® Sheath
  • 225 - 2,400 Watts
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • 4 - 30 W/In²
  • 1600°F Max. Sheath Temp.

Single Ended Tubular Heating Elements are of similar construction as our standard tubular elements. They terminate at one end which can simplify wiring and installation. These are most commonly used in molds and other heat transferring metal parts as well as open air applications and immersion applications.

Molds and other heat-transferring metal parts and air heating applications. Immersion heating with fl ange, screwplug, threaded fi tting or other means of mounting.

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Part # Description  
170982 STRI-2048 120V 450 W Buy Now
170990 STRI-2048 240V 450 W Buy Now
171002 STRI-2448 120V 575 W Buy Now
171010 STRI-2448 240V 575 W Buy Now
171029 STRI-2848 120V 700 W Buy Now
171037 STRI-2848 240V 700 W Buy Now
171045 STRI-3248 120V 800W Buy Now
171053 STRI-3248 240V 800 W Buy Now
171061 STRI-3648 120V 925 W Buy Now
171070 STRI-3648 240V 925 W Buy Now
171088 STRI-4048 120V 1050W Buy Now
171096 STRI-4048 240V 1050W Buy Now
171109 STRI-4448 120V 1175W Buy Now
171117 STRI-4448 240V 1175W Buy Now
171125 STRI-4848 120V 1200W Buy Now
171133 STRI-4848 240V 1275W Buy Now
171141 STRI-5248 120V 1200W Buy Now
171150 STRI-5248 240V 1400W Buy Now
171168 STRI-5648 120V 1150W Buy Now
171176 STRI-5648 240V 1525W Buy Now
171184 STRI-6048 120V 1075W Buy Now
171192 STRI-6048 240V 1650W Buy Now
171205 STRI-7248 120V 875 W Buy Now
171213 STRI-7248 240V 2000W Buy Now
171221 STRI-8448 120V 750 W Buy Now
171230 STRI-8448 240V 2350W Buy Now
171248 STRI-9648 120V 650W Buy Now
171256 STRI-9648 240V 2400W Buy Now
171264 STRI-10848 120V 575W Buy Now
171272 STRI-10848 240V 2300W Buy Now
171280 STRI-12048 120V 500 W Buy Now
171299 STRI-12048 240V 2000W Buy Now
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