Circulation and Immersion Heaters

Circulation Heater

Chromalox circulation heaters are packaged units consisting of a screwplug or flanged immersion heater mounted in a thermally insulated heating chamber for efficient heating of a flowing medium by in-line or side-arm operation. Thermocouple sensors can be provided to connect to most any controller. Select from many terminal enclosures, sheath and vessel materials, flanged connections, and controls. Many models in stock.

Applications include: Water Heating, Freeze Protection, Heat Transfer Oil Heating, Fuel Oil Heating, Steam, Air, and Gas Heating and others.

Consult your local Chromalox Sales office for more detailed information on many special features, larger kilowatt heaters and skid mounted circulation heater systems.

Chromalox offers the broadest selection of stocked Immersion Heaters in the industry. Industrial immersion heaters are designed for direct contact heating of water, oils, viscous materials, solvents, process solutions and gases for many industrial heat applications. Since all heat is generated within the liquid or process, virtually 100% energy efficiency is achieved. Various temperature control options permit very tight process temperature control. Basic mounting options of threaded screwplug connections, flanges, or simple over-the-side designs facilitate customer installation. A large selection of designs is available from stock for immediate delivery. Products are available for heating any fluid; from plain water to corrosive solutions, highly viscous oils, and for many specialized applications such as high pressure and hazardous areas. Custom engineered designs are also routinely manufactured by Chromalox.

Chromalox electric immersion heaters apply heat directly at virtually 100 percent efficiency. Basic piping options include threaded, flanged, or welded. Various temperature control options permit very tight process temperature control. Chromalox manufactures a large selection of electric immersion heaters for heating any fluid, from plain water to corrosive solutions, highly viscous oils, and for many specialized applications such as high-pressure and hazardous locations.


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Immersion Heaters - Flanged
Ideal for generating steam and heating gases and liquids in pressure vessels and tanks, flanged immersion heaters are hairpin-bent tubular elements welded or brazed into a flange and provided with electrical enclosures. Chromalox flanged immersion heaters are available in a wide selection of flange sizes and with a variety of electrical enclosures.
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Immersion Heaters - Screw Plug
Screw plug immersion heaters consist of tubular elements in a threaded hex plug. They screw directly through threaded openings in tank walls to heat liquids, viscous fluids, forced air, and gases by direct contact.
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Immersion Heaters - Over-the-Side
Over-the-Side Immersion heaters occupy little workspace, require no tank penetrations, and are easily withdrawn for servicing and replacement. They are immersed within a tank to evenly distribute heat in a variety of applications including acid or alkali solutions.
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Circulation Heaters - Water Applications

Water Heaters are ideal for heating municipal water for industrial washing and rinsing processes, as well as purified water. Other applications include indirect heating of numerous solutions and temperature maintenance of storage tanks.

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Circulation Heaters - Oil Heaters
Light and Medium Weight Oil Heaters are ideal for temperature maintenance and for improving flow characteristics of oils. Heavy or Fuel Oil Heaters will reduce the viscosity, thereby improving flow and process efficiency.
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Circulation Heaters - Steam, Air, Gas
Chromalox circulation heaters provide a cost effective means for heating air and common industrial gases such as Argon, Helium and Nitrogen. They can also be used to increase the enthalpy and quality of steam.
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Circulation Heaters - Corrosive Solutions and Gases

Mild corrosive heaters allow the heating of solutions using stainless elements and a passivated stainless pipe body. Highly corrosive solutions, oils, and gases can be heated with the low watt density INCOLOY® sheath elements coupled with a passivated Stainless Steel pipe body, providing long service life.

Process Heaters
Custom Process Heaters
Engineered to provide precise process temperature control of virtually any liquid or gas process streams, including those of extreme pressure, temperature, and flow conditions engaged in corrosive, hazardous, and critical environments.