Explosion Proof Convection Heater

Explosion Proof Convection Heater
  • UL Listed and CSA Certified for Class 1, Division 1 or 2, Group B, C and D Environments
  • ATEX and GOST Models Available

  • Petroleum Refineries, Gasoline Storage and Dispensing Areas
  • Industrial Areas Using Flammable Liquids in Dip Tanks
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Dry Cleaning Plants
  • Utility and Natural Gas Plants
  • Aircraft Hangers/Fueling Areas
  • Solvent Extraction Plants

Model CVEP heaters are rated for a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C. When utilizing models without factory installed thermostats, it is recommended that an ambient thermostat or temperature cutout be installed to ensure that this maximum ambient temperature is not exceeded.

Model CVEP convection heaters are designed for harsh, industrial applications requiring equipment certified for hazardous locations. They feature a rugged, corrosion resistant painted steel case that can withstand dirty, dusty environments. The UL certification covers gas groups B, C, and D for class I, division 1 and 2 hazardous location while the ATEX certification covers IIC gas groups for Zones 1 and 2. The low watt density heating element allows for use in ambient temperatures up to 40°C (104°F), while maintaining the required temperature classification. Model CVEP heaters feature factory drill holes for wall mounting and are pre-wired for customer conduit connections.

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028644 CVEP-C-36-81-00-42 3.6KW Buy Now
028660 CVEP-C-36-21-00-42 3.6KW Buy Now
028759 CVEP-C-18-11-00-00 1.8KW Buy Now
028767 CVEP-C-18-81-00-00 1.8KW Buy Now
028775 CVEP-C-18-83-00-00 1.8KW Buy Now
028783 CVEP-C-18-21-00-00 1.8KW Buy Now
028791 CVEP-C-18-23-00-00 1.8KW Buy Now
028804 CVEP-C-18-71-00-00 1.8KW2 Buy Now
028812 CVEP-C-18-41-00-00 1.8KW4 Buy Now
028820 CVEP-C-18-43-00-00 1.8KW Buy Now
028839 CVEP-C-18-11-00-42 1.8KW Buy Now
028847 CVEP-C-18-81-00-42 1.8KW2 Buy Now
028855 CVEP-C-18-21-00-42 1.8KW Buy Now
028863 CVEP-C-18-71-00-42 1.8KW Buy Now
028871 CVEP-C-18-41-32-42 1.8KW Buy Now
085913 CVEP-C-76-81-00-00 7.6KW Buy Now
085921 CVEP-C-76-83-00-00 7.6KW Buy Now
085930 CVEP-C-76-21-00-00 7.6KW Buy Now
085948 CVEP-C-76-23-00-00 7.6KW Buy Now
085956 CVEP-C-76-71-00-00 7.6KW Request a Quote
085964 CVEP-C-76-41-00-00 7.6KW Buy Now
085972 CVEP-C-76-43-00-00 7.6KW Buy Now
085980 CVEP-C-76-61-00-00 7.6KW Buy Now
086844 CVEP-C-16-83-00-00,1.6KW Buy Now
086852 CVEP-C-16-21-00-00 1.6KW Buy Now
086860 CVEP-C-16-23-00-00 1.6KW2 Request a Quote
086879 CVEP-C-16-71-00-00 1.6KW2 Buy Now
086887 CVEP-C-16-41-00-00 1.6KW4 Buy Now
086895 CVEP-C-16-43-00-00 1.6KW4 Buy Now
086908 CVEP-C-16-61-00-00 1.6KW Request a Quote
086916 CVEP-C-32-81-00-00 3.2KW2 Buy Now
086924 CVEP-C-32-83-00-00 3.2KW2 Buy Now
086932 CVEP-C-32-21-00-00 3.2KW Buy Now
086940 CVEP-C-32-23-00-00 3.2KW2 Request a Quote
086959 CVEP-C-32-71-00-00 3.2KW2 Buy Now
086967 CVEP-C-32-41-00-00 3.2KW4 Buy Now
086975 CVEP-C-32-43-00-00 3.2KW Buy Now
086983 CVEP-C-32-61-00-00 3.2KW Request a Quote
086991 CVEP-C-40-81-00-00 4.0KW Buy Now
087003 CVEP-C-40-83-00-00 4.0KW Buy Now
087011 CVEP-C-40-21-00-00 4.0KW Buy Now
087020 CVEP-C-40-23-00-00 4.0KW2 Request a Quote
087038 CVEP-C-40-71-00-00 4.0KW Request a Quote
087046 CVEP-C-40-41-00-00 4.0KW Request a Quote
087054 CVEP-C-40-43-00-00 4.0KW Buy Now
087062 CVEP-C-40-61-00-00 4.0KW Buy Now
087070 CVEP-C-36-81-00-00 3.6KW2 Buy Now
087089 CVEP-C-36-83-00-00 3.6KW Buy Now
087097 CVEP-C-36-21-00-00 3.6KW2 Buy Now
087100 CVEP-C-36-23-00-00 3.6KW Buy Now
087118 CVEP-C-36-71-00-00 3.6KW2 Buy Now
087126 CVEP-C-36-41-00-00 3.6KW4 Buy Now
087134 CVEP-C-36-43-00-00 3.6KW Buy Now
087142 CVEP-C-36-61-00-00 3.6KW5 Buy Now
087230 CVEP-C-90-81-00-00 9.0KW2 Request a Quote
087249 CVEP-C-90-83-00-00 9.0KW2 Request a Quote
087257 CVEP-C-90-21-00-00 9.0KW2 Buy Now
087265 CVEP-C-90-23-00-00 9.0KW2 Request a Quote
087273 CVEP-C-90-71-00-00 9.0KW2 Request a Quote
087281 CVEP-C-90-41-00-00 9.0KW4 Buy Now
087290 CVEP-C-90-43-00-00 9.0KW4 Buy Now
087302 CVEP-C-90-61-00-00 9.0KW Buy Now
088336 CVEP-C-16-81-00-00 1.6KW2 Buy Now
028644 CVEP-C-36-81-00-42 3.6KW Buy Now
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