Water Circulating Temperature Heat Transfer Systems

Water Circulating Temperature Heat Transfer Systems
  • ASME 125 psig Relief Valve
  • 4.5 - 24 kW (15 - 82 Mbh)
  • 240 and 480V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
  • See Catalog Page PDF for more information

  • Injection Molding Machines - Thermoplastics and Thermosets
  • Platens and Dies
  • Rolls, Laminating and Calendering
  • Pipeline Heating and Tracing
  • Jacketed Vessels and Tanks

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Part # Description  
214017 CMX-250-4 240V3PH Request a Quote
214025 CMX-250-4 480V 3PH 4.5KW Request a Quote
214033 CMX-250-9 240V 3PH 9KW Buy Now
214041 CMX-250-9 480V3PH Buy Now
214050 CMX-250-12 240V3PH Request a Quote
214068 CMX-250-12 480V3PH Buy Now
214076 CMX-250-18 240V 3PH 18KW Buy Now
214084 CMX-250-18 480V 3PH 18KW Buy Now
214092 CMX-250-24 240V3PH Request a Quote
214105 CMX-250-24 480V3PH Buy Now
214113 CMX-250-4C 240V3PH Request a Quote
214121 CMX-250-4C 480V3PH Request a Quote
214130 CMX-250-9C 240V 3PH 9KW Buy Now
214148 CMX-250-9C 480V 3PH 9KW Buy Now
214156 CMX-250-12C 240V 3PH 12KW Request a Quote
214164 CMX-250-12C 480V3PH Buy Now
214172 CMX-250-18C 240V3PH Request a Quote
214180 CMX-250-18C 480V3PH Buy Now
214199 CMX-250-24C 240V 3PH 24K Request a Quote
214201 CMX-250-24C 480V3PH Buy Now
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