.315" Dia. Fintube®Heaters - FTI-315

.315" Dia. Fintube®Heaters - FTI-315
  • MONEL® Sheath (type FTI)
  • 500 - 6,200 Watts
  • 120, 240 and 480 Volt
  • 60 W/In²
  • 900°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • Third-party certifications: cRUus, CSA

The metal sheath isolates and protects the resistor wire from the environment. At the same time it maximizes heat transfer capability to the work. Fintube® elements can be bent to put the heat where it works best.

Fins greatly increase surface area and permit faster heat transfer to the air, resulting in lower element surface temperatures. High watt density permits use of fewer elements and a higher concentration of installed kW for a given area.

Fintube® heaters are ideal for both comfort and industrial process air applications.

Best suited for the following applications where space is limited.

  • Drying
  • Heat Treating
  • Annealing
  • Load Banks
  • Curing Ovens, Dryers, Ducts, etc.

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334967 FTI-015315 120V 500W Buy Now
334983 FTI-024315 120V 1025W Buy Now
334991 FTI-024315 240V1P 1.025KW Request a Quote
335020 FTI-036315120V1P1.750KW Buy Now
335038 FTI-036315 240V1P 1.750KW Request a Quote
335062 FTI-048315 120V1P 2.450KW Request a Quote
335070 FTI-048315 240V1P 2.450KW Request a Quote
335097 FTI-063315240V1P3.500KW Buy Now
335100 FTI-063315 480V1P 3.500KW Request a Quote
335134 FTI-086315 240V1P 4.700KW Request a Quote
335142 FTI-086315 480V1P 4.700KW Request a Quote
335193 FTI-119315 480V1P 6.200KW Request a Quote
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