Architectural Slope Top Convection Heater - CCAS-8

Architectural Slope Top Convection Heater - CCAS-8
  • 250 W/Ft.
  • UL Listed

Ideally suited for heavily traveled areas such as:

  • Factory Offices
  • Assembly Areas
  • Schools
  • Laboratories
  • Corridors
  • Public Areas (hotels, etc.)
  • Stairwell Landings

Full Length Thermal Protection.

Floating Element Suspension Minimizes Expansion Noise.

Built-in Wireway for Continuous Installation.

Optional Built-in Tamperproof Thermostat or Adjustable Thermostat Controls may be mounted in either the left or right hand terminal box. Built-in low voltage relays, if specified, are located in the right hand terminal box. Power connection can be made at either end of the heater.

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