Medium Temperature Air Duct Heater

Medium Temperature Air Duct Heater
  • 750°F Max. Outlet Air Temp.
  • Third-party certifications: UL Recognized, CSA

Heat Air for Drying and Curing Operations up to 750°F Air Temperature, Heat Treating, Re-heating or Dehumidification, Booster Heater in Heating Ducts and Ovens.

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Steel flange is equipped with special holes to permit easy replacement of individual element. Sheet steel terminal box may be removed to facilitate wiring during installation.

All Heaters can be mounted in any position; top, side or bottom entry. In high ambient temperature operations, least corrosive action and least oxidation to the terminals will occur if heaters are mounted with terminals in the coolest possible ambient, usually on bottom or side of duct. Minimum duct size is A dimension plus 3/8" or 11-1/8" plus 3/8" and B dimension plus 1-5/8".

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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260785 TDH-6C 240V3P 6.000KW Buy Now
260806 TDH-6C 480V3P 6.000KW Buy Now
260822 TDH-12C240V3P12.000KW Buy Now
260849 TDH-12C480V3P12.000KW Buy Now
260865 TDH-18C240V3P18.000KW Buy Now
260881 TDH-18C480V3P18.000KW Buy Now
260902 TDH-24C240V3P24.000KW Buy Now
260929 TDH-24C480V3P24.000KW Buy Now
260945 TDH-30C240V3P30.000KW Buy Now
260961 TDH-30C480V3P30.000KW Buy Now
260970 TDH-36C240V3P36.000KW Buy Now
260988 TDH-36C480V3P36.000KW Buy Now
260996 TDH-42C240V3P42.000KW Buy Now
261008 TDH-42C480V3P42.000KW Buy Now
261016 TDH-48C240V3P48.000KW Request a Quote
261024 TDH-48C 480V 3P 48KW Buy Now
261032 TDH-54C240V3P54.000KW Buy Now
261040 TDH-54C480V3P54.000KW Buy Now
261059 TDH-60C240V3P60.000KW Buy Now
261067 TDH-60C480V3P60.000KW Buy Now
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