Portable Spot Industrial Salamander Blower Heater

Portable Spot Industrial Salamander Blower Heater
  • 7, 10, 15, and 30kW Versions Available
  • 208 to 600V Single and Three Phase Voltages
  • Heavy Duty Inflatable Tires
  • Heavy Gauge Sheet Metal Frame
  • DRA Accessories

  • For Best Results Use in Enclosed Area with Ceiling Heights Below 15'
  • Any Commercial or Industrial Application Needing Instant Fan Forced Heat
  • Building Construction
  • Curing Plaster and Concrete
  • Warming Workers
  • Thawing Frozen Pipes
  • Thawing Railroad Cars

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Part # Description  
295523 DRA-07-83 7.5KW 208V 3PH Buy Now
295531 DRA-07-23 7.5/5.6KW 240/2 Buy Now
295540 DRA-10-83 9.7KW 208V 3PH Buy Now
295558 DRA-10-23 9.7/7.3KW 240/2 Buy Now
295566 DRA-15-83 15KW 208V 3PH Buy Now
295574 DRA-15-23 15/11.2KW 240/2 Buy Now
295582 DRA-15-43 15KW 480V 3PH Buy Now
295596 DRA-15-93 15KW 600V 3PH Buy Now
295603 DRA-20-23 19.5/15KW 240/2 Buy Now
295611 DRA-20-43 20KW 480V 3PH Buy Now
295620 DRA-20-93 20KW 600V 3PH Buy Now
295638 DRA-30-43 30KW 480V 3PH Buy Now
295646 DRA-30-93 30KW 600V 3PH Buy Now
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