Single Element, Double-Hairpin Radiant Heater

Single Element, Double-Hairpin Radiant Heater
  • 1500°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • 3.66 kW/ft²
  • 1.6 - 7.83 kW
  • 120, 208, 240, 275, AND 480 Volt
  • 3/8 in. Dia. INCOLOY™ Sheath Elements (Type UTU)

  • Textile and Paper Drying
  • Coatings Curing
  • Vinyl Fusing
  • Preheat Roll Fed Plastics for Laminating or Embossing

More Heated Length for limited space.

Process Temperature Control — Radiant heater output may be controlled with Chromalox SCR Power Controllers, Percentage Timing Input Controls and Non-Contact Temperature Sensors. See the Controls section of this catalog.

For New or Existing Installations — Utilization of a double-hairpin element, with terminal connections in the center of the housing, gives a heated length covering almost the entire length of the housing.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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Part # Description  
117575 DU-RED-040 Buy Now
unnamed-item DU-RAD-040V 208V1P 1.600K Request a Quote
117591 DU-RAD-040 240V1P 1.600K Request a Quote
117604 DU-RAD-040V 275V1P 1.600KW Buy Now
117612 DUO-RAD-048 Request a Quote
117620 DU-RAD-048V 208V1P 1.970K Request a Quote
117639 DU-RAD-048 240V1P 1.970K Buy Now
117647 DU-RAD-048V 275V1P 1.970KW Request a Quote
117655 DUO-RAD-058 Request a Quote
117698 DU-RAD-058V 208V1P 2.440KW Buy Now
117671 DU-RAD-058 240V1P 2.440K Buy Now
117698 DU-RAD-058V 275V1P 2.440KW Buy Now
117700 DU-RAD-066 120V1P 2.820K Request a Quote
117743 DU-RAD-066V 208V1P 2.820KW Buy Now
117727 DU-RAD-066 240V1P 2.820K Request a Quote
117743 DU-RAD-066V 275V1P 2.820KW Buy Now
117751 DU-RAD-074 120V1P 3.190K Buy Now
117794 DU-RAD-074V 208V1P 3.190K Buy Now
117778 DU-RAD-074 240V1P 3.190K Buy Now
117794 DU-RAD-074V 275V1P 3.190KW Buy Now
117815 DU-RAD-082 240V1P 3.570K Buy Now
117831 DU-RAD-082 480V1P 3.570K Buy Now
117874 DU-RAD-090V 208V1P 3.950KW Buy Now
117858 DU-RAD-090 240V1P 3.950K Buy Now
117874 DU-RAD-090V 275V1P 3.950K Buy Now
117911 DU-RAD-0102V 208V1P 4.520 Request a Quote
117890 DU-RAD-0102 Request a Quote
117903 DU-RAD-0102V 275V1P 4.520KW Request a Quote
117920 DU-RAD-0112V 208V1P 4.99 Request a Quote
117938 DU-RAD-0112 240V1P 4.990K Buy Now
117946 DU-RAD-0112V 275V1P 4.990KW Request a Quote
117962 DU-RAD-0124V 208V1P 5.560KW Request a Quote
117970 DU-RAD-0124 240V1P 5.560K Request a Quote
117989 DU-RAD-0124V 275V1P 5.560KW Request a Quote
118009 DU-RAD-0136V 208V1P 6.13 Request a Quote
118017 DU-RAD-0136 240V1P 6.130K Request a Quote
118025 DU-RAD-0136V 275V1P 6.13 Request a Quote
118041 DU-RAD-0148V 208V1P 6.700KW Request a Quote
118050 DU-RAD-0148 240V1P 6.700K Request a Quote
118068 DU-RAD-0148V 275V1P 6.700KW Request a Quote
118084 DU-RAD-0156V 208V1P 7.100KW Request a Quote
118092 DU-RAD-0156 Request a Quote
118105 DU-RAD-0156V 275V1P 7.100KW Request a Quote
118121 DU-RAD-0164V 208V1P 7.450KW Request a Quote
118130 DU-RAD-0164 Request a Quote
118148 DU-RAD-0164V 275V1P 7.450KW Request a Quote
118164 DU-RAD-0172V 208V1P 7.830KW Request a Quote
118172 DU-RAD-0172 Request a Quote
118180 DU-RAD-0172V 275V1P 7.830KW Request a Quote
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