Hermetically sealed Single Element Radiant Heater

Hermetically sealed Single Element Radiant Heater
  • 1000°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • 1.83 kW/ft²
  • 0.7 - 3.6 kW
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • 3/8 in. Dia. INCOLOY™ Sheath Elements (Type RTUH)

  • Humid Area Environments
  • Rubber and Synthetic Fabric Processing
  • Meat and Food Processing

Complete, Ready-to-Connect Assembly available in various lengths to accommodate work of varying dimensions.

Movable Mounting Clamps and Bolts are supplied to accommodate many mounting configurations such as banks, tunnels and oven sections.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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Part # Description List Price  
115570 RADH-207 120V1P .700KW 505.00 USD Buy Now
115588 RADH-207 240V1P .700KW 505.00 USD Buy Now
115596 RADH-310 120V1P 1.000KW 551.00 USD Buy Now
115609 RADH-310 240V1P 1.000KW 551.00 USD Buy Now
115617 RADH-418 240V1P 1.800KW 628.00 USD Buy Now
115625 RADH-525 240V1P 2.500KW Request a Quote
115633 RADH-630 240V1P 3.000KW Request a Quote
115641 RADH-736 240V 3600W 893.00 USD Buy Now
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