Single Element Radiant Heater - RAD

Single Element Radiant Heater - RAD
  • 1500˚F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • 1.83 kW/ft²
  • 0.4 - 4.5 kW
  • 120, 208, 240, 275, AND 480 Volt
  • 3/8 in. Dia. INCOLOY™ Sheath Elements (Type RTU)

  • Finish Curing
  • Latex and Resin Curing
  • Plastics Processing
  • Ink Drying
  • Textile and Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing
  • Paper and paperboard Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Ceramic Drying

Complete, Ready-to-Connect Assembly available in various lengths to accommodate work of varying dimensions.

Movable Mounting Clamps and Bolts are supplied to accommodate many mounting configurations such as banks, tunnels and oven sections.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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Part # Description  
110015 RAD-2063BX35 120V1P .40 Buy Now
110023 RAD-2063BX29 120V1P .65 Buy Now
110031 RAD-2083B 120V1P .800K Buy Now
110040 RAD-2083B 240V1P .800K Buy Now
110058 RAD-2083BV 208V1P .800K Buy Now
110066 RAD-2083BV 275V1P .800K Buy Now
110074 RAD-3113B 120V1P 1.100K Buy Now
110082 RAD-3113B 240V1P 1.100K Buy Now
110090 RAD-3113BV 208V1P 1.100K Buy Now
110103 RAD-3113BV 275V1P 1.100K Buy Now
110111 RAD-4183B 240V 1800W Buy Now
110120 RAD-4183B 480V1P 1.800K Buy Now
110138 RAD-4183BV 208V1P 1.800K Buy Now
110146 RAD-4183BV 275V1P 1.800K Buy Now
110154 RAD-5253B 240V1P 2.500K Buy Now
110162 RAD-5253B 480V1P 2.500K Buy Now
110170 RAD-5253BV 208V1P 2.500K Buy Now
110189 RAD-5253BV 275V1P 2.500K Buy Now
110197 RAD-6303B 240V1P 3.000K Buy Now
110200 RAD-6303B 480V1P 3.000K Buy Now
110218 RAD-6303BV 208V1P 3.000K Buy Now
110226 RAD-6303BV 275V1P 3.000K Buy Now
110234 RAD-7363B 240V1P 3.600K Buy Now
110242 RAD-7363B 480V1P 3.600K Buy Now
110250 RAD-7363BV 208V1P 3.600K Buy Now
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114841 RAD-3133BV 208V1P 1.300K Buy Now
114850 RAD-3133B 240V1P 1.300K Buy Now
114868 RAD-3133BV 275V1P 1.300K Buy Now
114876 RAD-3133B 480V1P 1.300K Buy Now
114884 RAD-5213BV 208V1P 2.150K Buy Now
114892 RAD-5213B 240V1P 2.150K Buy Now
114905 RAD-5213BV 275V1P 2.150K Buy Now
114913 RAD-5213B 480V1P 2.150K Buy Now
114921 RAD-6273BV 208V1P 2.700K Buy Now
114930 RAD-6273B 240V1P 2.700K Buy Now
114948 Request a Quote
114956 RAD-6273B 480V1P 2.700K Buy Now
114964 Request a Quote
114972 RAD-7333B 240V1P 3.350K Buy Now
114980 Request a Quote
114999 RAD-7333B 480V1P 3.350K Buy Now
115000 RAD-8453BV 208V1P 4.500K Buy Now
115019 RAD-8453B 240V1P 4.500K Buy Now
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115035 RAD-8453B 480V1P 4.500K Buy Now
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