Two Element Radiant Heater

Two Element Radiant Heater
  • 1500°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • 3.66 kW/ft²
  • 1.6 - 13 kW
  • 120, 208, 240, 275, and 480 Volt
  • 3/8 in. Dia. INCOLOY™ Sheath Elements (Type RTU)

  • Shrink Fitting
  • Preheat Glass for Polishing, Drying, Sterilizing
  • Fast-Moving Webs

Complete, Ready-to-Connect Assembly available in various lengths to accommodate work of varying dimensions.

Movable Mounting Clamps and Bolts are supplied to accommodate many mounting configurations such as banks, tunnels and oven sections.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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Part # Description  
110277 RADD-2164 120V1P 1.600K Buy Now
110285 RADD-2164V 208V1P 1.600K Buy Now
110293 RADD-2164 240V1P 1.600K Buy Now
110306 RADD-2164V 275V1P 1.600K Buy Now
110314 RADD-3224 120V1P 2.200K Buy Now
110322 RADD-3224V 208V1P 2.200K Buy Now
110330 RADD-3224 240V1P 2.200K Buy Now
110349 RADD-3224V 275V1P 2.200K Buy Now
110357 RADD-4364 240V1P 3.600K Buy Now
110365 RADD-4364V 208V1P 3.600K Buy Now
110373 RADD-4364 480V1P 3.600K Buy Now
110381 RADD-4364V 275V 3600W Buy Now
110390 RADD-5504 240V1P 5.000K Buy Now
110402 RADD-5504V 208V1P 5.000K Buy Now
110410 RADD-5504 480V1P 5.000K Buy Now
110429 RADD-5504V 275V1P 5.000K Buy Now
110437 RADD-6604 240V1P 6.000K Buy Now
110445 RADD-6604V 208V1P 6.000K Buy Now
110453 RADD-6604 480V1P 6.000K Buy Now
110461 RADD-6604V 275V1P 6.000KW Request a Quote
110470 RADD-7724 240V1P 7.200K Buy Now
110488 RADD-7724V 208V1P 7.200K Buy Now
110496 RADD-7724 480V1P 7.200K Buy Now
110509 RADD-7724V 275V1P 7.200K Request a Quote
110517 RADD-7604X10 240/480 8KW Buy Now
110550 RADD-7604X13 240/480V 10. Buy Now
110592 RADD-7604X9A 240/480V 11. Buy Now
110630 RADD-7724X38 240/480V 13. Buy Now
115131 RADD-3264 240V1P 2.600K Buy Now
115140 RADD-3264V 208V1P 2.600K Buy Now
115158 RADD-3264V 275V1P 2.600K Buy Now
115166 RADD-3264 480V1P 2.600K Buy Now
115174 RADD-5434V 208V1P 4.300K Buy Now
115182 RADD-5434 240V1P 4.300K Buy Now
115190 RADD-5434V 275V1P 4.300K Buy Now
115203 RADD-5434 480V1P 4.300K Buy Now
115211 RADD-6544V 208V1P 5.400K Buy Now
115220 RADD-6544 240V1P 5.400K Buy Now
115238 RADD-6544V 275V1P 5.400KW Request a Quote
115246 RADD-6544 480V1P 5.400K Buy Now
115254 RADD-7674V 208V 6700W Buy Now
115262 RADD-7674 240V1P 6.700K Buy Now
115270 RADD-7674V 275V1P 6.700KW Request a Quote
115289 RADD-7674 480V1P 6.700K Buy Now
115297 RADD-8904V 208V1P 9.000K Buy Now
115300 RADD-8904 240V1P 9.000K Buy Now
115318 RADD-8904V 275V1P 9.000KW Request a Quote
115326 RADD-8904 480V 9000W Buy Now
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