Single Element Radiant Heater - S-RAD

Single Element Radiant Heater - S-RAD
  • Single End Termination
  • 2.1 kW/ft²
  • .095 - 4.4 kW
  • 120, 208, 240, and 275 Volt
  • 3/8 in. Dia. INCOLOY™ Sheath Elements (Type SRTU)
  • Single End Termination

  • Resin Curing
  • Thermoforming
  • Equipment Packaging
  • Mirror Manufacturing
  • Rubber Curing

Complete, Ready-to-Connect Assembly available in various lengths to accommodate work of varying dimensions.

Movable Mounting Clamps and Bolts are supplied to accommodate many mounting configurations such as banks, tunnels and oven sections.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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Part # Description  
115334 S-RAD-2 120V1P .950KW Buy Now
115342 S-RAD-2V 208V1P .950KW Buy Now
115350 S-RAD-2 240V1P .950KW Buy Now
115369 S-RAD-2V 275V1P .950KW Request a Quote
115377 S-RAD-3 120V1P 1.300KW Buy Now
115385 S-RAD-3V 208V1P 1.300KW Buy Now
115393 S-RAD-3 240V1P 1.300KW Buy Now
115406 S-RAD-3V 277V 1P 1.300KW Buy Now
115414 S-RAD-4 208V 2200W Buy Now
115422 S-RAD-4 240V1P 2.200KW Buy Now
115430 S-RAD-4V 275V1P 2.200KW Request a Quote
115457 S-RAD-5V 208V1P 3.000KW Buy Now
115465 S-RAD-5 240V 3KW Buy Now
115473 S-RAD-5V 275V1P 3.000KW Request a Quote
115490 S-RAD-6V 208V1P 3.750KW Buy Now
115502 S-RAD-6 240V 3750W Buy Now
115510 S-RAD-6V 275V1P 3.750KW Request a Quote
115537 S-RAD-7V 208V1P 4.400KW Buy Now
115545 S-RAD-7 240V1P 4.400KW Buy Now
115553 Request a Quote
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