The Chromalox STAR-GF series wall mounted ground fault detectors are designed to monitor for any gradual changes in the insulation level due to humidity or mechanical damage as they develop and will de-energize the load to prevent arcing type faults, preventing premature element failure and potential fire damage. The detector consists of a ground fault sensor, control circuit transformer, magnetic contactor and an on off toggle switch with rubber boot, completely prewired ina NEMA 4 enclosure.

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340777 STAR-GF-8: Ground Fault Detection Buy Now
340785 STAR-GF-2 Ground Fault Detection Buy Now
340793 STAR-GF-7 Ground Fault Detection Buy Now
340806 STAR-GF-4 Ground Fault Detection Buy Now
340814 STAR-GF-6 Ground Fault Detection Request a Quote
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