• 2 to 13.5 kW
  • 6,824 to 46,062 BTU/Hr
  • 208, 240, 277, 480, and 600 Volts
  • Single or 3 Phase - Most Models Field Convertible
  • Fixed Overhead - Convertible to Portable
  • UL Listed, CSA Registered
  • ChromaStar Accessories

  • Localized heating in large plants
  • Loading Docks
  • Narrow warehouse aisle heating
  • Garages
  • Dry Paint
  • Prevent freezing of pipes, valves
  • Heat hoppers

The Chromalox ChromaStar™ infra-red comfort heaters are designed to provide a rugged source of heat for use in areas where dependence on air movement is impractical. The heaters are versatile, designed to provide warmth directly where it is needed for primary or spot heating applications. Each unit is constructed for long life and requires minimal maintenance. There are no moving parts or motors to wear out, no air filters or lubrication required.

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340232 STAR-14A-83-F 208V 3P 13. Buy Now
340240 STAR-14A-23-F 240V 3P 13. Buy Now
340259 STAR-14A-71-F 277 1P 13.2 Buy Now
340267 STAR-14A-43-F 480V 3P 13. Buy Now
340275 STAR-14A-63-F 600V 3P 13. Buy Now
340339 STAR-06A-83-F 208V 3P 6KW Buy Now
340347 STAR-06A-23-F 240V 3P 6KW Buy Now
340355 STAR-06A-71-F 277V 1P 6 Buy Now
340363 STAR-06A-43-F 480V 3P 6KW Buy Now
340371 STAR-06A-63-F 600V 3P 6 Buy Now
340435 STAR-05A-81-F 208V 1P 4.5 Buy Now
340443 STAR-05A-21-F 240V 1P 4.5 Buy Now
340451 STAR-05A-71-F 277V 1P 4.4 Buy Now
340460 STAR-05A-41-F 480V 1P 4.5 Buy Now
340478 STAR-05A-61-F 600V 1P 4.5 Buy Now
340558 STAR-02A-81-F 208V 1P 2KW Buy Now
340566 STAR-02A-21-F 240V 1P 2KW Buy Now
340574 STAR-02A-71-F 277V 1P 2KW Buy Now
340582 STAR-02A-41-F 480V 1P 2KW Buy Now
340590 STAR-02A-61-F 600V 1P 2KW Buy Now
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