• Localized heating in large plants
  • Loading Docks
  • Narrow warehouse aisle heating
  • Garages
  • Dry Paint
  • Prevent freezing of pipes, valves
  • Heat hoppers

The Chromalox ChromaStar™ infra-red comfort heaters are designed to provide a rugged source of heat for use in areas where dependence on air movement is impractical. The heaters are versatile, designed to provide warmth directly where it is needed for primary or spot heating applications. Each unit is constructed for long life and requires minimal maintenance. There are no moving parts or motors to wear out, no air filters or lubrication required.

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340380 STAR-05A-81-P 208V 1P 4.5 Buy Now
340398 STAR-05A-21-P 240V 1P 4.5 Buy Now
340400 STAR-05A-71-P 277V 1P 4.4 Buy Now
340419 STAR-05A-41-P 480V 1P 4.5 Buy Now
340427 STAR-05A-61-P 600V 1P 4.5 Buy Now
340486 STAR-02A-11-PC 120V 1P 1. Buy Now
340494 STAR-02A-81-P 208V 1P 2KW Buy Now
340507 STAR-02A-21-P 240V 1P 2KW Buy Now
340515 STAR-02A-71-P 277V 1P 2KW Buy Now
340523 STAR-02A-41-P 480V 1P 2KW Buy Now
340531 STAR-02A-61-P 600V 1P 2KW Request a Quote
341163 STAR-06A-83-P 208V 3P 6kW Buy Now
341171 STAR-06A-23-P 240V 3P 6kW Buy Now
341180 STAR-06A-71-P 277V 1P 6kW Request a Quote
341198 STAR-06A-43-P 480V 3P 6kW Buy Now
341200 STAR-06A-63-P 600V 3P 6kW Buy Now
341219 STAR-14A-83-P 208V 3P 13. Buy Now
341227 STAR-14A-23-P 240V 3P 13. Buy Now
341235 STAR-14A-71-P 277V 1P 13. Buy Now
341243 STAR-14A-43-P 480V 3P 13. Buy Now
341251 STAR-14A-63-P 600V 3P 13. Buy Now
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