Radiant Comfort Heater Replacement Element

Radiant Comfort Heater Replacement Element
  • Replacement Element for Aitken* OH, SH, PPH and PHX Radiant Heaters

Replaces heating elements in radiant comfort heaters manufactured by Aitken Products, Inc. It can also be used in other heating applications where threaded liquid-tight fittings permit mounting for high-velocity air or immersion heating of liquids which are not corrosive to INCOLOY®. when used for immersion heating, heated section of element must be immersed at all times.

Liquid-Tight Fittings - 9/16-18 Brass for mounting. Nuts, washers and gaskets included.

10-32 Terminals - Stainless steel, complete with nuts and washers.

Work Temperatures - See Tubular Heater overview section for element rated 40 W/In2

Bending - Lengthwise only. See Tubular Heater Overview Section.

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106016 UTUA-224LT 240 V 2 KW Buy Now
106024 UTUA-248LT 480 V 2 KW Buy Now
106032 UTUA-424LT 240 V 4.5 KW Buy Now
106040 UTUA-448LT 480 V 4.5 KW Buy Now
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