Percentage Timing Input Controller

Percentage Timing Input Controller
  • 15 & 30 Second Cycles
  • UL Recognized

  • Processes requiring exact replication of heat pulses.
  • Varying work loads
  • Conveyors
  • Radiant heat control

  • Percentage timing can be set to energize a heater for a chosen percentage (4-100%) of a preset 15 or 30 second cycle, thus derating heat output to match varying work sizes, loads or conveyor speeds.
  • Settings are repeatable between instruments and provide constant percentage of heat output.

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Part # Description  
112117 OBSOLETE, VCS-401A, PCN-1 Request a Quote
112125 OBSOLETE, VCS-402A, PCN-1 Request a Quote
112168 VCR-115V, PCN-112168 Request a Quote
114340 VCF-401A 115V 30SEC Buy Now
114358 VCF-402A 230V 30SEC Buy Now
114374 OBSOLETE,VCS-401A-15,PCN1 Request a Quote
114382 OBSOLETE,VCS-402A-15,PCN1 Request a Quote
114390 VCF-401A-15 115V 15SEC Request a Quote
114403 VCF-402A-15 230V 15SEC Buy Now
309905 N12,CON,SPL,480V,60A,3PH, Buy Now
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