Special Process & OEM Steam Boiler - CAS


Special Process & OEM Steam Boiler - CAS

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  • Third-party certifications: UL Listed, CSA, M

CAS Steam Boilers- are specifically designed for use where space requirements are limited. The compact construction and low profile permit the CAS boiler to fit under hospital and research laboratory steam sterilizers.

CAS boilers are also used in food, plastics, rubber and pharmaceutical processing.

All CAS boilers are inspected to rigid quality standards. They are factory tested under actual operating conditions and are ready to operate.

Pressure Control easily adjusts operating pressure.

Steam Pressure Gauge provides visual indication of steam pressure.

On/Off Switch with Pilot Light indicating boiler is energized and operational.

Water Level Sight Glass allows constant visual observation of boiler’s water level.

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Part # Description  
025283 CAS-20CM 480V 20KW 3PH W/ Buy Now
109217 CAS-20-CM 208V 3PH 20KW W Buy Now
109225 CAS-20-CM 240V 3PH 20KW,W Buy Now
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