Unitary Electric Immersion Heater

Unitary Electric Immersion Heater
  • 240 and 480V, 3 Phase
  • 15 - 72 kW (51 - 246 Mbh)
  • 3 W/In³ on Pipe (Heating) Surface
  • Weather Proof Electrical Enclosure
  • Holding Temperatures 175 - 375°F (Optional Control 20 - 120°F)

Easy Maintenance and Service — Flexible OCE elements (RSTO Models only) can be bent in a vertical plane on a 12 inch minimum radius and require only 3 feet for installation or removal.

Weather Proof Electrical Enclosure completely wired with safety interlocked circuit breaker, overtemperature controls, pilot lights and switches. Electronic process temperature control mounted in door and accessible from outside the enclosure. Optional time clock.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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