Chromalox Alters Design of Band Heaters, Delivers Perfect Fit to Customer

chromalox bands

The Problem

An oil and gas production and exploration company’s test chamber, used to evaluate downhole drilling components, needed heaters that could withstand pressures up to 35,000 pounds per square inch and temperatures up to 500° F. The company was using 52 sets of band heaters that aligned with temperature requirements, but were breaking under the pressures in the chamber. The screw terminals on some of the heaters would break off even with little torque during testing, and some of the heaters did not fit securely in the chamber after thermal expansion. Additionally, some of the barrel nut assemblies were not fully bead welded to the heaters and would break off during testing.

The Solution

Chromalox redesigned the company’s band heaters by eliminating barrel nut assembles and replacing them with ear fittings that would allow for new hardware including screws, springs, nuts and washers. Chromalox then tested the new design and sent the product back to the customer. Chromalox’s local field service supervised installation and oversaw testing with the customer.


  • Chromalox provided a customized product to enable a precise solution for the customer’s chamber.
  • Chromalox provided local support and supervision to see the installation through testing.
  • Customized solution could withstand the high pressures and thermal changes found in the test chamber, so the company is looking into the retrofit of a second test chamber.