Chromalox Assists OEM Client Develop Melting Point Apparatus for University Research Laboratories

chromalox cir 300 w 09 The Challenge

The melting point apparatus must be able to operate at temperatures up to 400o Celsius and within one-tenth of a degree (0.1C) of accuracy. The apparatus required extremely exact dimensions of the cartridge heater to meet the fit criteria into the apparatus and to enable repeatable and accurate heat transfer for the precision needed in the laboratory experiments. 

The Solution

Chromalox provided the exceptional manufacturing process control in producing its cartridge heating element CIR-201NY, 120 V, 40 W according to the precise dimensional tolerances required in the melting point apparatus. Prototype samples were provided at no charge to submit to safety review and testing agencies and to provide an accurate cost structure associated with the apparatus for manufacture. 

The Benefits 

Exceptional uniformity of manufactured product 

Exceptional precision in the dimensions of manufactured product

Accurate cost assessment