Chromalox Circulation Heater Accelerates the Search for New Competitive Nuclear Power Sources

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The Challenge
To test simulated fuel components, it was necessary to pre-heat carbon dioxide gas, CO2, used as a coolant in a high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor.  The tests measure temperature, flow, pressure and power to help scientists unravel the secrets of producing nuclear power for peaceful purposes at costs competitive with conventional forms of power. It was impossible to get enough power through a short length of test section to raise the C02 to the temperature at which experimental measurements are made.

The Solution
Installing a Chromalox Electric Circulation Heater, type GCH, in the experimental test loop. The 100 KW, 480 volt, heater serves the important role of pre-heating the C02 before it enters the test loop. Tight temperature and process control is efficiently accomplished via a Chromalox SCR Power Control Panel. Measurements are made of the heat transfer coefficient of COP at elevated temperatures, pressure and velocities. The circulation heater, with its 100 KW capacity will help to accelerate the search for economical nuclear power for industry.


  • Fast automatic response of circulation heater.
  • Provides a compact heat source for raising of COP to test temperature.
  • Efficient, all heat goes in coolant, proving economical use of energy.
  • There is no maintenance problem or delay.
  • Easy installation into test loop.
  • Complete packaged unit, ready to install.
  • Safe, there are no exhaust fumes or dirt.