Chromalox Creates “Virtual Factory” for Field Factory Acceptance Testing

Chromalox 4168 Controller

The Challenge

A skid builder, who designs, builds and markets natural gas, drying, filtering and conditioning skids required a Chromalox GCHIS Circulation Heater for high temperature gas applications to 1200°F (648.9°C) and Chromalox SCR Control Panels. Chromalox SCR Control Panels integrate temperature controllers, overtemperature controllers, customer inputs, and Chromalox SCR power control into a complete package. This precise power control allows process temperature to be controlled to +/-1 degree Fahrenheit. The components were delivered separately from different locations to the skid builder for integration into their design. This customer required Factory Acceptance Testing on the component level. However, the end-customer required Factory Acceptance Testing on the entire skid, once all components were installed and integrated. The Chromalox customer did not feel comfortable or confident in their ability to design, conduct and document this type of Factory Acceptance Test.

The Solution

With the expertise and resources provided by the Chromalox Field Service Group, Chromalox is able to create a “Virtual Factory” presence wherever our equipment is located which is ideal for Factory Acceptance Testing. For this particular case, Chromalox offered to set-up, run and document a Field Factory Acceptance Test at our customer’s facility.  A plan was prepared and required materials, equipment and man-power was identified and quoted.  Our customer was then able to propose a cost and schedule impact to the end-customer to complete these tests.  Based on the details contained in the proposal and the high-level of Acceptance Testing of each component, the end-customer decided to conduct final testing of the combined components themselves, after they received the shipment overseas.

The Benefits

  • Expertise in product services, testing and planning by the Chromalox Field Service Group.
  • Field testing, modifications or repairs by the Chromalox Field Service Group are considered “as manufactured” by Chromalox.
  • Chromalox products used in non-Chromalox designs remain under the care and protection of Chromalox until final acceptance by the end-user.