Chromalox Electric Baptistery Heater Ends Cold Water Troubles

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The Challenge
The previous method of heating the baptismal font use at a church was to draw hot water from church's hot water heating system. The old heater took too long to heat the amount of water required for the baptismal services. Since the water was never at a very high temperature it cooled off too quickly and was tepid for the services. It took four hours of on-and-off operation of the church heater to warm the water and the font was invariably cool when it was time for the first baptism.

The Solution
A 10 kW, 240 volt Chromalox Immersion Heater, type TLC-210, was permanently installed in the baptismal font, ready for instant use. A perforated shield is installed between the heating element and the main baptismal font. The Chromalox Immersion Heater, with automatic thermostatic control, ensures having the water at the proper temperature whenever it is needed. It requires no maintenance, is noiseless, and makes no dirt or fumes. No matter the number of people being baptized, the water is already at the correct temperature.


  • Safe - no ventilation required.
  • Automatic operation heats water without attendant.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Easy to install.
  • Economical to operate.
  • Ends cold water immersions.