Chromalox Engineers Safe and Efficient Pre-Heaters of Natural Gas

chromalox nwho nwhob The Challenge 

A 92 MW cogeneration power plant fueled by natural gas utilized two 46 MW gas turbines that required fuel gas treatment and preheating for increased efficiency. Since the plant has a hazardous area classification as a Class 1, Division 2, Groups. C & D area, they needed two separate electric startup heater skids that met all safety standards.  The heaters also needed to provide 50°F temperature rise for 20,000 lbs./hr. of natural gas rated at 710 PSIG.  

The Solution 

Chromalox provided (2) 220 kW GCHI series circulation heaters with SCR panels mounted and wired on a common skid.  The heaters and panels were designed specifically for the plants hazardous area classification including a Z-purge in the SCR panels to contain the threat of sparks. The skids were also pre-wired of all necessary parts making the unit self-contained and easy for the customer to place within the inlets and outlets at the plant. Specifically, the 12” ANSI flanged immersion heater was rated 600#, with 6” 600# inlet/outlet process connections on the heater vessel.  The heater vessel was also stamped and approved by, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and was given a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) by the corresponding governing bodies in the United States and Canada. In addition to providing the fuel gas preheating equipment, Chromalox also provided start-up and commissioning services. 

The Benefits

  • Designed specifically to meet safety standards
  • Pre-heats natural gas enabling it to burn more efficiently
  • Pre-wired components for turnkey solution
  • Convenient inlets and outlets for easy use and installation