Chromalox Heater Enables Farming Sustainability

Chromalox MOS Hot Oil Heater The Challenge 

OEM manufacturer of custom machinery developed an indirect hot oil system to dry out farming byproducts such as  liquid waste, sludge, or animal feed according to FDA condition standards to eliminate both odor and moisture from the material and become a sustainable resource such as fertilizer. Unfortunately, the manufacturer was using inefficient band heaters through the application’s 24” x 30’ processing barrel so the customer desired a more efficient method that would meet both performance requirements and improve ROI.

The Solution

Chromalox provided its new MOS-600-75P-E4 hot oil heat transfer system. This MOS system enabled the customer to route the oil along a predesigned flow path along the barrel; thereby, increasing the heat transfer effectiveness. Specifically, the process heats oil from 59° F to 235° F in less than an hour effectively reducing lead time and heat flux and providing a significant ROI of the equipment. 

The Benefits 

Increased efficiency in heat oil transfer

Cost-effective solution

Innovative technology applied to farming sustainability