Chromalox Helps Protect Air Quality by Maintaining Diesel Exhaust Fluid

chromalox cir 150 w The Challenge 

A manufacturer of large tanks for DEF required protection from both freezing and maximum degree temperatures. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), a urea-based solution, reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides produced by diesel engine exhausts. As the tanks are usually located outside of facilities, DEF must be kept at a minimum of 12° F, but also cannot rise above 180° F or the solution will breakdown. DEF is also a corrosive fluid and so can only come in contact with certain materials. The manufacturer needed an inexpensive solution that provided temperature protection while avoiding both corrosion and moisture issues. 

The Solution 

Chromalox built a custom heater enclosure from 3-inch schedule 80 propylene pipe (compatible with urea-based solutions) and added a welded cap on the bottom. The first 18 inches of the tube was machined-down to reduce wall thickness which enhanced heat transfer.  A cylindrical aluminum heat sink with a CIR-516N-3059-141-29 cartridge heater was inserted into this tube and a thermostat was embedded to the sink to ensure that the temperature would not damage the plastic pipe or degrade the urea-based solution. A cord set was attached to the heater and thermostat and provided power. The heat sink can be lowered into or raised out of the pipe enclosure for easy installation or removal. 

The Benefits 

Relatively inexpensive design 

Avoids the expense of an immersion heater 

Easy Installation in tank – Plug and Play Design Custom “outside-the-box” design Clear understanding of customer’s needs 

Helps improve the air quality of the environment