Chromalox Hot Oil and Advanced Control Systems Protect Costly Glass-Lined and Hastelloy Jackets

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The Challenge
A chemical manufacturing plant in a Class 1 Division 1 Hazard Area, required a variety of various glass-lined and Hastelloy® jacketed vessels to be heated to 600oF (315.5oC). The jackets are extremely sensitive to rapid changes in temperature, particularly the glass-lined jackets, and could easily crack and break causing significant costs to the manufacturing plant in both time and expense. In addition, the plant wanted to control set points and several other alarm features with remote start/stops including a Delta T (?T) control for glass-lined vessels so the desired temperature between the oil temperature and the vessel temperature would not be exceeded and cracking would be avoided.

The Solution
Chromalox provided a COS-650B-20XX Hot Oil System, two Chromalox Model 2104 indicating digital temperature controller with RS485 communication to allow set point changes and communication to the controller, and one Chromalox 3101 high-limit temperature controller with RS485 communication and one control center. The two 2104 controllers accommodate the customer-determined Delta T (?T) between the process oil and the batch product temperature. The control center also included a master circuit breaker, contactors, fusing, explosion resistant motor starter and push button, selector switches, pilot lights, control relay, one 120V control circuit transformer, all mounted in an enclosure suitable for Class 1 Division 1 Group C&D areas.  The control panel also comes with padlock lockout capability on main power switch. Also provided was an 18-gallon all-welded steel expansion tank, complete with sight glass, an Explosion Resistant Float and Level switch, a Water Cooled Mechanical Seal on Pump and 300# rated flanges on main inlet, outlet and expansion tank connection. A Chromalox MaxPac SCR control panel was used for true proportional control and includes an oversized enclosure to dissipate sufficient heat. Also installed were (12) explosion resistant ON / OFF selector switches on control panel front to break the input temperature signal.  These switches enable the selection of kettle, either glass lined or hastelloy, that receives the input temperature signal at that time.  The heater and chamber system offers ASME Certification for 100psi at 650ºF (343.3ºC).


The Benefits

  • Delivering solutions meeting all Class 1, Division 1 Hazardous Area Requirements
  • Providing innovative and high-end products to ensure safety of costly equipment
  • Offering  3rd party certifications