Chromalox Monitors Tank Levels and Temperatures

chromalox ltfx 02

The Challenge
A Midwest power plant utilizes two massive holding tanks of demineralized water that is needed in the operation of its turbine engines. Each tank requires two, 8000 watt heaters to keep the water from freezing during the harsh midwest winters.  The tanks also require a monitored level control to ensure that the heaters are protected from low water-level conditions which will reveal the heater and potentially lead to burnout or damage. The currently installed level system available through other channels would require costly PLC programming and wiring to integrate a liquid-level solution

The Solution
Chromalox provided a two-tier solution: First, two 8 kW heaters were installed in each tank utilizing the removable elements of the LTFX design. This LTFX design enables the heaters to be maintained without the need to drain the tank, ensuring operational readiness. Second, the Chromalox 4468 control panel provides a customer interlock that can be connected to any device, and based on the input, can shut down any necessary equipment.  Therefore, Chromalox easily modified this control panel to accept a signal from a level controller device installed in the tanks that shows plant personnel the current water-level status of the tank.  A standard Chromalox 1604 mA controller was programmed to accept a signal from the level controller installed within the tank.  A power supply was also added to provide power for the level controller.  The 1604 mA now monitors tank level and provides a display for plant personnel on current water-levels.  Alarms are also set at critical points for the protection of the LTFX heaters so that plant personnel will be notified of critical level situations and the tanks can be re-filled or the heaters are powered down, as needed.

The Benefits

  • Quick notification of tank levels thereby avoiding a liquid level drop which would expose the heaters to air and could cause the heaters to overheat.
  • Easy modification of Chromalox control panel to avoid costly PLC programming of other devices
  • Removable elements of LTFX heaters for easy maintenance without the need to drain the tanks.