Chromalox Simplifies Immersion Heater Installation, Provides Tamper-Resistant Design

chromalox artmo 250T4-026

The Challenge

A waste oil heater manufacturer was using an existing immersion heater to heat water that would then preheat the oil in the company’s oil heating system used for manufacturing. However, when trying to install the heater into the oil heating system, the company was running into several difficulties. First, when the immersion heater was threaded into the oil heating system, the power connection for the immersion heater would end up in a different place and was no longer accessible. Because of this, for each new installation, a piece of conduit cabling had to be bent into place to reach each new termination point of the power connection. Additionally, the heater’s thermostat was located on the outside of the terminal box, meaning that anyone could adjust the temperature setting which could potentially damage the equipment.

The Solution

A Chromalox screw plug immersion heater replaced the existing immersion heater using model E4TP rotatable housing. Because the terminal housing system can be rotated and fixed, the client can easily connect the conduit cable right where it is needed, without bending. Because the conduit will be installed in the same place each time, the company can cut the conduit at the same length for each installation, which saves time and money. Additionally, Chromalox relocated the thermostat, which was originally installed on the exterior of the heater, to the inside of the terminal housing to make it tamper-resistant to those who should not have access to changing the temperature.


  • Only Chromalox could provide the local technical support the client required.
  • Chromalox supplied an innovative and precise solution to the company with its unique rotatable terminal   housing.
  • The use of rotatable terminal housing simplified installation and saved time and money.
  • The equipment is protected from unsanctioned heater temperature changes which may damage machine.