Circulation Heater Dries Steam for Dust Contol in Plastic De-Burring Tumbler

Circulation Heater

The Challenge
Plant steam is too "wet" to do the job without superheating.

The Solution 
A Chromalox Type GGH Electric Circulation Heater was placed in the steam line at the tumbler. The heater, rated at 6 kw. for 230 volts, 3-phase, has been in operation for a number of years and produces the exact results required. The combination of Chromalox change in temperature and SCR power contollers automatically regulates the circulation heater for precise temperature control.


  • Both installation and operating costs were low and maintenance expense is zero.
  • High-temperature, dry steam is produced without high pressures and associated maintenance problems and expense.
  • It's automatic - requires no "supervision".
  • Heater and lines are insulated to eliminate discomfort in the immediate working area.
  • It's safe. Because of low line pressures, there is no danger from bursting lines or leaky connections.