Consistency of Dolomite Quality is Achieved After Converting to Electric Pre-Heating

Circulation Heater

The Challenge
Dolomite is composed of 60% calcium and 40% magnesium and tends to pick up moisture from rain and fog. The previous method of evaporation was air-drying which left the company at the mercy of the weather.

The Solution
A rotary oven was installed to preheat bunker C fuel oil for easy ignition and efficient combustion. The fuel oil was then delivered to a 10,000 gallon tank at 150°F. The fuel oil is passed through a series of three Chromalox Circulation heaters, boosting the temperature to 200° F. An additional circulation heater, located at the burning nozzle, raises the oil to a temperature of 250° F. Automatic controls keep the oil at this working temperature so that burning is steady and foolproof. Oil in the storage tank is maintained at 150° F, which lowers the viscosity for easier pumping, by a 10 kW circulation heater.  These changes resulted in a consistent output and improved dolomite quality.


  • Easy installation; circulation heater with automatic controls is easily mounted in fuel lines.
  • Fast, automatic response maintains correct temperature needed for proper ignition of fuel oil.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Helps produce a consistent stable product regardless of weather.