Digital Heat Trace System Provides Inexpensive, Reliable Solution for Pipe Run

DTS-Digital Temperature Sensor

The Challenge

A Missouri food processing plant required an inexpensive heat trace system to prevent freezing on soybean oil processing pipe run. Pipe temperature needed to be sensed at the coldest point of the pipe run.  A bulb and capillary system was considered, but the “cold point” was too far down the run for this application to be practical.

The Solution

The new Chromalox DTS Digital Thermostat offered the customer the ability to economically measure the cold point. The DTS was mounted inside and was used in conjunction with an RTD sensor and wire, mounted on the preferred sensing point. This was the only solution that offered the desired indoor thermostat location; others required complete outside installation.


  • New product enabled customer to mount the thermostat as desired
  • Multiple solutions and options provided allowed the customer to select the system to meet both production and budgetary needs