Electric Heat is Safe, Accurately Controlled for Triclorethylene Vapor Degreaser

chromalox mto-115a

The Challenge
If the solution came into contact with an open flame, highly toxic phosgene gas would form. Reliable control is also necessary because excessive temperatures would break the solution down into an acid, too low a temperature would not allow the cleaning vapors to form.

The Solution
The obvious answer was electric heat. A suitable degreasing tank was purchased and equipped with three Chromalox Type MTO-345 Immersion Heaters, 480 volts, 3 phase, 4.5 kw each. A Chromalox Type AR thermostat maintains the solution temperature between 186°-190°F. Work is delivered and exposed to the vapors in baskets.


  • Eliminates the hazard of generating highly toxic phosogene gas with open flame.
  • Constant and accurate control creates vapors without the danger of overshoot which would turn the solution to acid.
  • It assures constant peak cleaning performance.