Electric Utility Warms to Heat Trace Solution

SRL Cable

The Challenge
The customers natural gas compressor stations and booster station required heat tracing of condensate lines, skid lines, de-hi piping, and control and meter tubing to prevent them from freezing. Natural gas from the well head by its nature contains water. As the gas is collected for transmission, it travels through various piping and meter manifolds, and the water is separated from the gas and collects in low lying areas of the piping. During the winter, this water can freeze and stop gas from flowing through the system. In the past, many producers used glycol injected manually into the piping system at various points to prevent line freezes. However, this is very labor intensive and requires constant maintenance over the winter months. Electrical heat tracing was determined to be the better solution.

The Solution
Chromalox worked with the local electrical contractor on the design and installation of the heat trace at multiple locations, ensuring that the proper amount of heat trace and control was specified to maintain the gas flow throughout the winter season. Chromalox provided technical specification support and field call assistance to remote locations.

Chromalox model SRL self-regulating heating cable was key to the solution. This heat trace cable adapts automatically to ambient temperature changes, using less energy when less heat is required. A key component to Chromalox's success was the ability to ship cable and accessories in a timely manner to meet the customer's demand during the winter season.  


  • Competitive pricing
  • Energy-efficient heat trace solution
  • Level of specification, service and field support unmatched in the industry provided to the electrical contractor, ensuring a reliable solution