DIN Temperature Controller Saves Time and Dough

chromalox etr-9300 03

The Challenge
This application called for a safety approved device that was rated to operate at a low DC voltage. UL approval was a mandatory requirement. A single display controller was also preferred for simplifying the controllers visibility for the end-user. The customer was very impressed by the bright easy-to-read display. Because of varying demands in the donut baking industry, product availability was a key consideration. The controller needed to be available for quick shipment to respond to sporadic purchasing needs.

The Solution
Our sales representative met with the customer to discuss the best fit for their application. The controller was specified after careful consideration. The following list of controller advantages were extremely useful with this application. Ovens, kilns, hot blocks and proofers are other similar applications of this type of temperature controller.

The Advantages

  • Bright Easy-to-Read LED Display 
  • Low Cost-Point
  • Shallow Panel Depth -- only 3 3/8 Simplified Operation
  • Low Voltage Operation
  • Stock / Modification Flexibility
  • Temperature Deviation Indicator -- very handy on single display controllers.