Freeze Protection System Saves Money for Electric Utility Giant

SRL Cable

The Challenge

A leading electric utility company has undertaken a more than $1.5 billion upgrade at one of its power plants, including the installation of coal scrubbers and associated equipment, as well as a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. The scrubbers reduce sulfur dioxide in the plant's exhaust, while the SCR system removes nitrous oxide. The most recent renovations and construction were assigned to a large engineering firm, which turned to Chromalox for assistance in designing a heat trace system to protect the extensive outdoor piping at the plant.

The Solution

Chromalox worked jointly with this customer on a complete heat tracing system design and provided the equipment needed to protect the outdoor pipes from freezing. The heat trace system includes:

  • Chromalox model SRL self-regulating heating cable, which adapts automatically to ambient temperature changes, using less energy when less heat is required
  • Chromalox model FPASM WeatherTrace control panels monitor and control the system, guarding against faults without the need for additional staff

In addition to assisting with the heat trace system design and supplying the equipment, Chromalox provided expert technical support and backup to the design firms engineering services team.


With Chromalox providing system design expertise, engineering time was saved, which in turn saved money for both the design engineering firm and the electric utility company.