Gas Chromatography Flows with Chromalox Cartridge Heaters

chromalox cartridge lp

The Challenge

A world leading provider of equipment to support the life science and chemical analysis market came to Chromalox  in search of a heater that could be precisely controlled. This would enable them to meet the demands of their broad customer base. These units were used for a broad range of applications including the measurement of pesticide residue in consumer products, to the measurement of sulfur content in natural gas. The gas chromatograph itself is required to adhere to UL file 61010-1 standards, however, the testing requirements for various chemical substances are governed by a host of ASTM standards with varying degrees of measurement tolerances.

The Solution

Specialized construction with zero tolerance for defects is the standing order for these components. Precise ANSI specified manufacturing tolerances in metric were required for fit and overall construction. In addition to UL and CSA approvals, specific voltage, wattage and resistance specifications must be met and maintained for every unit. Temperatures can range from 21 ºC to 400 ºC (70 ºF to 752 ºF) with an accuracy value set at +/- 1% of calibration. Current industry practices are calling for small bench scale while increasing functionallity of the heating spaces to accommodate multiple columns.


  • Proprietary termination technology
  • Zero defect construction
  • Precise control